Share your garden’s beauty in photos

Gardens are a place to make contact with nature and enjoy its serenity, where you tend the soil. They exemplify a certain lifestyle. The light and colours of a garden are a joy to behold in every season. It is a place where we experience a strong sensation of happiness as it is a reflection of who we are. Or as the phrase goes ‘Show me your garden and I’ll tell you who you are‘. We transform our garden into something that is representative of us, of our values.

Thanks to Magic Gardens Photography you can now share your passion for your garden with lovely photos and showcase your own plant collection, your favourite spots in your garden or some of the happy moments you have spent in your garden. Can you think of a better treat or a better way to share your passion with the people you love ?

Our offers

Take advantage of our different packages to capture the magical ambience of your garden for posterity with a photo portfolio, a collage or a lovely album.

Offer 1: Photo portfolio

  • Price for 1 hour – 10 fully edited photos – 150 Euro  
  • Price for 4 hours – 40 fully edited photos – 500 Euro
  • Price for 7 hours – 80 fully edited photos – 900 Euro
  • Photos supplied on USB stick or DVD

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Offer 2: Photo collage

  • Price depends on the number of the photos and the size of the collage
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Offer 3: Photo album

  • A typical album of about 40 photos. Price depends on the type of album. Price on request.
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Offer 4: Personalised photo album

  • Personalised album of about 80 photos. Made on measure with texts and testimonials. Price on request
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– All prices include VAT
– The following applies to all the offers above: the photos are royalty-free and the buyer may use them as he sees fit. 
– Travel costs: a fee applies for distances over 50 km (round trip) from home (Montgomery) > 0,40 Euro/km

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